ARTICOLO TECNICO N. 20|Come scegliere i serramenti nelle zone costiere? Vento, pioggia e resistenza alla corrosione, questi dettagli dovrebbero essere prestati attenzione!


TECH ARTICLE NO. 20|How to choose Windows and doors in coastal areas? Wind, rain and corrosion resistance, these details should be paid attention to!

Coastal areas are subject to typhoon and rainstorm weather all year round, and the facades of residential buildings are often affected. Not only that, the air humidity in coastal areas is relatively high, and salt spray corrosion also poses a great threat to household windows and doors. Whenever there is a rainstorm, windows and doors will be challenged. If the quality of the windows and doors hardware installed at home is not good enough, it is inevitable that there will be water seepage and leakage at the edges of the house and doors and windows under long-term wind and rain washing. Therefore, the selection of household doors and windows requires special attention to the details of wind, rain and corrosion resistance of doors and windows.

 window and door hardware

The wind pressure resistance of windows and doors refers to the limit wind force that doors and windows can withstand under the premise of normal use. The wind pressure resistance of doors and windows in typhoon prone areas or high-rise residential buildings is particularly important. The wind pressure resistance of doors and windows mainly depends on the profiles of doors and windows. For the selection of door and window profiles, the profiles with high tensile strength and high bending elasticity and toughness shall be preferred. Generally speaking, casement windows are better than ordinary sliding windows in terms of water tightness and wind pressure resistance. The doors and windows are made of high-quality primary aluminum profiles, which have stable alloy composition, high strength, durability, corrosion resistance, resistance to oxidation and deformation, and longer service life.


The water tightness of window and door depends on the sealing strips of window and doors. For the selection of door and window sealing strips, the sealing strips with good ductility, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and sealing performance shall be preferred. The automobile grade EPDM sealant strip is adopted, which has super weather resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance. The multi-channel sealing design ensures the sealing efficiency of the whole window system.

 stainless steel friction stay

In addition, with the mechanical 45 ° angle piece+tight fitting cavity glue injection process, the special stainless steel corner brace plate are equipped with hollow stainless steel pins+glue injection, which makes the stability, sealing and waterproof more excellent!


In addition, the large area of glass has higher requirements for the load-bearing of profiles and hardware. If you want to make a large panoramic French window, you must consider the weight of glass and choose the profiles and hardware with strong bearing capacity. Window and door hardware accessories (friction stay hinges, handles, hinges, etc.) should be of high-quality brands as far as possible, and should be kept dry and free of water drops in daily use, so as to effectively avoid salt spray corrosion day after day. In particular, the window friction hinges shall be made of SS304 stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance, can resist the corrosion of acid and alkali, and is free from air pollution, acid rain and ozone. The painted coloring layer on the handle surface shall be able to effectively resist salt spray corrosion, not fall off, not fade, and be durable.


In addition, the opening mode of window and door also has a great impact on the air tightness of doors and windows. Due to structural problems, the air tightness of casement windows is better than that of sliding windows. It is recommended to select casement windows for balcony sealing in coastal areas to improve the comfort of the room.

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